Sunday, November 16, 2014

After an extended period of planning and preparation (along with significant quantities of writing/busy work) I suddenly find myself with the time and resources to churn out a number of prints.

The first competed project was for the "Agritopia" portfolio which will be featured at the 2016 Southern Graphics Council Conference.  Addressing the topics surrounding contemporary farming practices and the global food chain, the portfolio involves a wide range of artists, many of whom have a connection to the midwest.  Having known about this project for a while, I started an image over the summer and worked out four layers on plates at the Tamarind Summer Workshop.  However, after battling with that piece for a long time, I finally gave it up and started over.  I'm much more satisfied with this piece, both aesthetically and conceptually.  A four-color lithograph on kitikata paper, the image will eventually be adhered to a larger sheet of white paper.